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[one-shot] - stuck with you

stuck with you | sehun/lu han
romance, fluff, suggestive scenes | pg
summary: in which sehun and lu han get stuck in an elevator.  
notes: inspired by this and episode four of hana yori dango. also, this is for derpinator, this perv. lol ilu ok <3 please do  forgive my mistakes if u see any!! ;n;


the said boy turned his head at the voice, smiling when he saw lu han outside of his room. sehun waved as lu han entered and crossed the room towards him. "you called?"

"let's go out for milk tea!" lu han responds, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet and sehun knows he's excited about something. sehun turned around fully to face lu han and beckoned him closer and as lu han did so, he grabbed both of sehun's hands and pulled him up so he could stand. 

"the usual place?" sehun squeezed both of the warm hands in his. lu han shakes his head.

"nope. i'm taking you to a new milk tea place." lu han released one of his hands and tugged him forward, made him changed his clothes and then stopping by the end of sehun's bed to grab his bag and wallet before they went out of the room. sehun followed lu han without protesting but he didn't mind and who can say no to milk tea, anyway? when they passed by the living room, jongin and kyungsoo were busy watching a movie and joonmyun came out from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn, pausing to ask them where they were going and lu han simply replied with "milk tea." and joonmyun understood right away, telling them to come back before dinner.

"and where is this 'new milk tea place' that you speak of?" sehun asks curiously after tying his shoes and double checking if he has his wallet with him.

"you'll see. zi tao told me that his friend told him that he knows a good milk tea place where they serve really good and cheap mochi buns and chicken chops so i asked for the address of this place because i wanted to try it out. we'll be going there today."

"so this is the first time we'll go to this place? won't we get lost or something?" lu han rolls his eyes.

"trust me. we'll be okay."

lu han leads sehun down an unfamiliar road. sehun looks around, taking it all in and almost trips when lu han suddenly stops walking. he bumps into lu han and grabs the latter's forearm as he steadies himself. lu han turns and smiles at him, fixing his bangs for a bit before he points at something in front of him. "we're here!"

sehun's eyes follow where lu han is pointing at and his eye twitched slightly at the supposedly cheap but good joint in front of him. the building looked worn-out and a bit scary and he looks at suspiciously, thinking if it was good thing if they entered this building.

"uhm, lulu, are you sure we're–" sehun scratches the head of his head as he spoke but he was cut off when lu han pulls him towards the entrance of the door where a grumpy lady comes out and looks at them for a moment before going away.

"let's go!" lu han says, excited. sehun sighs mentally;  he's still having doubts about this place but he still goes in for lu han's sake. they go straight for the elevator and once the lift's doors close, sehun takes lu han's hand in his and interlaced their fingers together like what he has been wanting to do ever since they got out of the apartment. lu han smiles at this action and squeezes while he pushed to the '5' button to direct them to their floor.

there was a comfortable silence between them.

that is until the elevator suddenly shakes and stalls, almost knocking off the two boys' balance.

'we'll be okay, my ass.' sehun thinks, shaking his head beside lu han who is busy trying to reach someone over the communicator inside the elevator. he pushes all the buttons – especially the emergency button – repeatedly, hoping one of them would work and call attention to anybody who passes by. after a while, nothing seems to be working so he gives up and slumps down on the floor.

'i am going to kill zi tao.' sehun blames exo m's maknae silently and sighs. 'well, this is also lu han's fault.'

"help! is anybody there? somebody save us!" lu han shouts, panic evident in his voice. when he receives no response, he frowns, sinking on the floor beside his boyfriend. lu han pulls out his phone and sehun copies him, flipping it open and groaning when he saw that there was no signal. he hears lu han curse in chinese under his breath and sehun concludes that he has no signal as well.

lu han shifts in his position and moves closer to sehun, who turns his head at him when lu han tugs at the sleeve of his shirt. lu han looks at him apologetically. "i'm sorry. this is my fault."

"it's okay," sehun gives a small smile, head falling on lu han's shoulder. "and yes this is your fault."

"i'm really sorry." 

"i told you it's okay. stuff like these can happen anytime."


"do you think they'll notice," lu han asks with a sigh, stroking sehun's hair. the latter smiles at the touch. "that 1/6 of exo is missing?"

"they should or else. i don't want to die in this kind of place." sehun said, pulling lu han closer.

"we're not going to die here, you idiot."

"how are you so sure of that?"

"i just am so stop being so pessimistic about this."

"fine." sehun said.

an hour and a half has passed and the two boys are getting more impatient and hungrier at the minute.

"we should do something," sehun suggests, standing up. "try to find an escape route and climb out of here." lu han looks at him, small hope appearing in his eyes.

"good idea." lu han stands up as sehun looks around the elevator and he lets out an 'aha!' as he points at the ceiling. lu han squints to at the light.

"lu han," sehun says, taking a step closer at his boyfriend. "i'll hoist you up and you should push the ceiling until it opens, okay?"

"are you sure about this?" lu han says with a sceptical look on his face and sehun nods.

lu han obeys; successfully pushing the ceiling a minute later and it does open. he climbs up and pulls sehun with him afterwards. it was uncomfortable and dark and it made both of them nervous as they look down. it feels like they're hundred feet of the ground. 

"i think this isn't such a good idea, sehun-ah." lu han whispers, clawing at the dark until his hand makes contact with sehun's arm. sehun agrees and pulls lu han with him so that they can go down.

sehun goes down first and he waits for lu han to jump down as well, looking out for him just in case he falls. lu han jumps and sehun is there to catch and the impact of his jump was quite strong that sehun's head meets the wall of the elevator. he groans as lu han whispers, 'sorry' kissing the back of his head afterwards.

after failed attempts of trying to get out and/or contact someone, they sit down on the elevator in silence, waiting for anything to happen, waiting anyone to come and find them.

the air condition in this elevator must be busted because it was too damn cold and sehun notices lu han shivering, teeth clattering slightly and he throws an arm around the older man and pulls him closer. lu han was wearing a thin cotton shirt. "are you okay?"

"i'm fine." lu han responds as relaxes at the touch, loving the warmth the other is trying to provide him. 

"i left my jacket at home so i'm sorry." sehun pulls away from lu han for a moment and the latter whines at the loss. sehun removes his backpack and placed it beside lu han. "but here? i hope me and my backpack will help warm you up." 

lu han blushes at his sweet boyfriend and sehun smiles, making himself comfortable in his place. lu han stares at him for a while before an idea pops in his head. he smiles mischievously to himself before he moves from his place to sehun's lap. sehun jerks in surprise, eye widening. "w-what are you doing?"

lu han ignores his question and leans down to brush his lips against his ear. "i want you to warm me up some more." lu han whispers, voice dripping with seduction and want as he rolls his hips against sehun's. the maknae groans softly at the friction of the  other's hips against his. lu han starts nibbling at his earlobe and sehun bites his bottom lip to keep himself from moaning.

"w-we–" shouldn't do this, he mentally thinks. this is wrong. we're in public and this is not good place to do this and– "stop."

sehun pushes lu han away and the other visibly pouts when he did so. "what's wrong?"

"we shouldn't do this."

lu han looks at him for a moment with an eyebrow raised. "are you denying me of sex?"

sehun chokes at that and waves his hands around as he tries to explain. "yes. i mean, no! i mean– we might get caught. someone might rescue us anytime." lu han gives a look of 'does it look like i care?' and rolls his eyes. he tugs at sehun's pants and sehun tries to pry his hands off. 

"off with this pants then," lu han says, slapping sehun's hands lightly and grabbing the belt buckle to undo it. "and get this over with if you don't want to get caught. hurry now."

"but lu han–" lu han kisses him hard to shut him up. sehun gives in, opening his mouth for lu han as his hands settle on lu han's waist. lu han's arms encircle his neck as he kisses him deeply before trailing his mouth down his jaw to the column of his neck. sehun sighs satisfyingly at lu han's kisses and tries not to think of their current situation, where they're stuck in a cold metal box, waiting for somebody to come rescue them and focus on lu han and his lips.

"stop thinking." lu han whispers, lips brushing against his neck as he does and he sucks on a patch of skin until it reddens. sehun pulls lu han back for a kiss as lu han's hands resume their job of taking sehun's pants off.

"god, i love your mouth." sehun pants as he comes down from his high. lu han wipes his mouth and cleans them both with a towel he got from his backpack. it's one of the many things he loves about lu han, really. he had such a talented mouth. "god, i love you so much."

lu han grins at him as they both fixed their pants. lu han kisses him again for nth time today and he can taste himself on the other's mouth and he loves it.

a few minutes later, the lift's door started to open while the two boys were busy cuddling. they jumped away from each other in surprise when they heard voices.

"are you guys okay?" one of the three elevator technicians asked, looking at their dishevelled forms with an odd look on their faces. the two boys nodded as they got up and thanked them for rescuing them. the technicians shook their heads at them and told them they shouldn't be entering old buildings like these. 

"also, this is isn't a love hotel. you guys can find one just a few blocks down the road." the technicians joked. both of the boys blushed, bowed at them before running out of the building.

"kids these days."

sehun and lu han stopped outside of the building, flushed from the earlier comment and from running. sehun covers his face and mutters "how embarrassing.".

"did you see the look on their faces?" sehun says with a groan, looking at lu han through the space between his fingers. "let's not have sex in public anymore. please."

"but why?" lu han responds, taking off sehun's hands from his face. "it's fun!".

"no." sehun pouts and lu han laughs before he steals a quick kiss on his lips. sehun sighs but he can't help but form a smile.

"you still owe me milk tea, hyung."

i'm craving for milk tea and chicken chops now :<

Tags: one-shot, p: sehun/luhan
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